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Consumer Bedliners

When it comes to truck bedliners, LINE-X not only changed the game…it redefined it. With the power of superior science, constant development and the resulting legendary, near-‘indestructible’ properties, LINE-X Bedliners have become the gold standard in pickup truck bed protection over the past couple of decades. Combined with a ‘hot process’ and meticulous application by trained professionals, LINE-X truly defines ‘premium bedliner.’ In addition, careful quality inspection ensures that the coating is at least 125 mils throughout the entire liner – delivering a consistently excellent experience.

Blog Maintaining Bedliner

Maintaining Your Bedliner

To ensure your LINE-X bedliner performs to the highest standards, allow it to fully cure and keep it clean.

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Commercial Bedliners

Commercial vehicles endure the roughest, toughest and most challenging jobs across all kinds of industries. But even the harshest situations are no match for the iconic protective power of LINE-X Commercial Bedliners. When it comes to companies protecting their commercial vehicles/trucks and utility beds, there is no other alternative.