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Your local LINE-X store is open for business! Each store is closely adhering to CDC guidelines for safety. Please call your local LINE-X store for details.

Your local LINE-X store is open for business! Each store is closely adhering to CDC guidelines for safety. Please call your local LINE-X store for details.

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If your LINE-X bedliner is good enough for your pickup, it’s definitely good enough for your UTV

Industrial companies, municipalities, military and rural property owners are just some of the people who understand the importance of a high-quality and reliable Utility Vehicle or UTV. Available in different sizes with various seating and cargo configurations, they are used every day to help people move and transport cargo and people, and nearly all owners would tell you that “UTV failure is not an option.”

Well, that could happen if the cargo bed of a UTV is left untreated and it is exposed to harsh elements, scratches, impacts and other wear-and-tear type events. UTVs haul wood, rocks, aggregate, soil and other things that can damage a UTV cargo bed. Those with LINE-X bedliners in their trucks would say it's crazy to do nothing to protect the cargo bed of a UTV that is expected to perform for years. 

But isn’t the paint or powder coat in the bed enough? Nope.

Brand new UTV’s are coated in some of the best powersports paint and powder coat available, but unfortunately, your rough cargo and Mother Nature doesn’t care. The first time a shovel-load of rock or soil is thrown in the back of a UTV, it will show signs of wear and possibly damage. If you keep doing that for several years, it only gets worse.  Unfortunately, these conditions often lead to damage in the form of paint chips, rust, corrosion and dents – everything that decreases the life expectancy and the value of the UTV.

LINE-X: Much more than a truck bed liner

For those who want to prevent this damage from potentially ruining a quality UTV, LINE-X is the answer. With several formulas of protective coatings available, LINE-X is capable of offering the protection that a UTV cargo bed needs. Trusted to protect more than four million truck beds and countless other non-automotive applications against impact, corrosion, abrasion and chemical exposure across the globe, LINE-X is ready to add your UTV to that list.

UTV Owners who understand the power of LINE-X

Recently, the owner of a UTV who also had a LINE-X bedliner came up with the idea to protect his UTV with the same product that was in his truck. With nearly the same challenges as a pickup truck bed, adding a LINE-X bedliner to his UTV was an easy choice, especially since most UTV cargo beds do not come from the factory a spray-in bedliner.

To kick off the coating process, LINE-X removed the entire cargo bed from the UTV, something not done when pickup truck bedliners are applied. The LINE-X Franchise then prepped the surface with a dual-action sander to scuff the factory cargo bed paint, creating a better adhesion-promoting surface. Using wire-trim tape, masking tape and paper, the LINE-X applicators covered everything that didn’t need to be coated to create a clean and precise finished application.

LINE-X’s high-pressure, high-temperature coating system was used to spray LINE-X XS-100 at approximately 125 mils thick on the deck and walls of the UTV cargo bed; a process which can be performed at any of its 550 Franchise locations in North America and around the globe.

The results speak for themselves! LINE-X XS-100 has been proven time and time again to be an ideal solution for those looking to prolong the life expectancy of any product.  In addition to a much longer life cycle for the UTV cargo bed, LINE-X helps decrease part failures under heavy workloads saving the UTV owner money in the long run.

LINE-X encourages all UTV owners to consider upgrading their UTV with a world-class protective coating.  Incorporating LINE-X can reduce maintenance costs, prolong product life cycle and increase the value of your UTV. For UTV owners wanting to preserve the aesthetic appearance of their UTV, LINE-X also offers color bedliners that can be pigmented to any custom color or automotive paint code. Additionally, LINE-X can be applied to many different surfaces of the UTV including the roll cage, frame, undercarriage, and body panels to provide added strength and durability.

LINE-X has more than 660 locations around the world, making it easy to get world-class protection for your truck or unique project. To locate your nearest Franchise or international dealer, visit Find a Location on LINEX.com and search using your address, city, state or zip code.