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TONNEAU COVER COMPARISONS: How to Choose the Right Tonneau Cover

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TONNEAU COVER COMPARISONS: How to Choose the Right Tonneau Cover

There are many things to consider when shopping for a new tonneau cover for your truck. What should you look for in your next tonneau cover? Whatever features your truck needs, the Truck Gear by LINE-X brand has a selection of tonneau covers made to suit any truck owner. 

What to look for in a tonneau cover? 

This guide will give you the tools to select the perfect tonneau cover for your truck to safeguard your cargo. One of the biggest questions truck owners often have is "How am I going to protect the cargo in my truck bed?" Between toolboxes, drawer systems, toppers and more, truck owners have a wide variety of bed customization options. While all of these products offer great solutions, one of the most popular products to protect cargo for decades has been the trusted tonneau cover. 

Today's tonneau covers are made of several different types of materials, open and latch in different ways, and feature a range of security options so choosing the right one can be challenging. Tonneau covers have become the gold standard for protecting gear you want to keep clean, dry and secure. A good bed cover can also improve your gas mileage. 


What's the best tonneau cover? 

When selecting a tonneau cover, truck owners need to consider the level of security that meets their needs, ease of use, budget, and type of cargo being hauled. A professional tradesman with thousands of dollars in tools, parts and supplies is likely to need much more security than a truck owner who hauls basic cargo for weekend projects. 


Most popular types of tonneau covers

There are many types and styles of covers but these are the most common:

  • Soft roll-up covers
  • Hard roll-up covers
  • Soft folding covers
  • Hard folding covers
  • Retractable covers 
  • One-piece solid covers


Things to consider when shopping for a tonneau cover:

  • Security - The best choice is a hard cover with multiple latch points to prevent unwanted access
  • Truck bed access - if you plan to haul anything big like an ATV or a dirt bike, you'll need a cover that gives you access to the full truck bed 
  • Ease of use - a tonneau cover should be easy to open and close especially if you need to load and unload cargo repeatedly 
  • Durability - depending on how you use your truck, you want your tonneau cover to last for the long haul 
  • Budget - a high-quality tonneau cover can cost thousands of dollars, make sure you select the cover that meets your needs and your budget
  • Warranty - several brands offer a lifetime warranty on tonneau covers 


Why Truck Gear by LINE-X Tonneau Covers are a great choice for truck owners

Truck Gear by LINE-X offers six of the most popular styles of tonneau covers, several of which are loaded with extra features that most truck owners are looking for in a tonneau cover. 

  • Soft and hard covers models 
  • Exceptional durability
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Attractive, functional styling
  • Low-profile, flush-mounted designs (some models)
  • Multiple rows of latch points for enhanced security (some models)
  • UV-resistant, tear-resistant, dirt-resistant (some models)
  • Full bed access (some models)


Which Tonneau Cover Should You Buy? 

Most Popular - Stealth Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover

Lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum panels equipped with a UV-resistant matte black finish that makes the Truck Gear by LINE-X Stealth Hard Folding Tonneau Cover an attractive choice for those who seek robust durability and styling. The Stealth Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover's name is derived from its flush-mounted solid panels which create an extremely low-profile design that is barely visible above the truck bed. Coupled with three different locking positions and a dual-action tailgate seal, this cover is the perfect choice for those who want to "go in dark" and stay under the radar for added security.

LXP Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover

If the term 'durability' could take physical form of a Truck Gear by LINE-X product, then the Truck Gear by LINE-X LXP Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover would be it. An upgrade to the popular Stealth cover featuring the same loaded features but with extreme durability. The LXP cover boasts one of the highest levels of durability available out of any tonneau cover offering from Truck Gear by LINE-X thanks to a proprietary LINE-X coating applied which is completely UV stable. Constructed from heavy-duty folding panels, this cover is highly resistant to dents, dings and scratches and wonā€™t fade over time, even in the harshest sunlight. Protect your truck's bed even further with a LINE-X PREMIUM spray-on bedliner for the ultimate pair in cargo protection.


Best Option for Security - Retractable Hard Tonneau Cover

Durability is once again front-and-center with the Truck Gear by LINE-X Retractable Hard Tonneau Cover. Featuring a durable matte powder-coat finish, this cover benefits from style and dependability with an ability to support more than 500 pounds; making it one of the strongest tonneau covers on the market. Retractable Hard Tonneau Covers allow full access for any storage needs thanks to a unique spiral track-system which rolls fully into a 10ā€ x 10ā€ canister and prevents the cover from ever encountering itself as it retracts.


Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Stand out from the crowd with the all-new Truck Gear by LINE-X Eclipse Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. Truck Gear's latest cover features a premium, dirt-resistant matte finished fabric which is pressure-bonded to heavy-duty black aluminum slats for the ultimate style and protection. This superior woven material stays looking clean no matter the elements and when rolled up at the cab, the cover provides full bed access without blocking rear-view visibility. Moreover, when the cover is closed, the low-profile rail design delivers a sleek, flush-mounted appearance which is easy to open from either side of the truck thanks to a quick-release system.


Budget Friendly - Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

For the truck owner who hauls oversized loads, the Truck Gear by LINE-X Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover features a unique clamp-closure system boasting extreme durability. The system allows the truck to be driven with the tonneau in the open position for those long hauls. The Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover also improves fuel economy by reducing vehicle drag and gives your truck a luxurious look while covering the bed from outside elements.


Deluxe Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Easy to use, effective and functional. Truck Gear by LINE-X Deluxe Roll-Up Tonneau Covers offer a low-profile design that improves the look of your truck and a quick-release system means this tonneau cover can be installed in a breeze, all without the use of tools. Automatic tension-adjusters eliminate the need for periodic manual adjustments and retainer straps securely latch the cover with ease. Cover rolls up easily to allow 100% truck bed access without impeding vision. The tear resistant leather-grain vinyl fabric looks nice and helps protect your cargo in the toughest conditions.

The Takeaway

Selecting a Truck Gear by LINE-X Tonneau Cover is made easy on www.buytruckgearonline.com where you can choose from six different unique offers for your application. Your local LINE-X Franchise can walk you through the available options and help you select the right one for you and your truck.

All tonneau covers and other Truck Gear by LINE-X accessories can be conveniently ordered and installed by your nearest LINE-X franchise location, in addition to now being available online at www.buytruckgearonline.com. Our online store gives shoppers the option to ship the accessories to a nearby LINE-X location at no charge, or to their home or business at standard shipping rates.

More Questions About Tonneau Covers  

Can I install a tonneau cover myself?

Yes, some covers come completely assembled and ready to mount to the truck bed in just minutes. Other covers come with all the necessary hardware you need to install yourself. You can also choose to have your tonneau cover professionally installed at your local LINE-X Franchise. Professional installation give you the added benefits of the Truck Gear by LINE-X Lifetime End-to-End Warranty.

Do tonneau covers improve gas mileage?

Yes, tests have shown that a closed tonneau cover improves aerodynamics to give you better gas mileage than an open truck bed. The amount of improvement in gas mileage depends on the type of cover and the type of truck but it will have some impact.  

Ready to buy your perfect tonneau cover? Contact your nearest LINE-X Franchise to get started. Click here to find a LINE-X location or buy Truck Gear by LINE-X online.