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Custom Flat Beds

Flatbed trucks are made to take a lot of abuse. But while most areas of flatbeds are reinforced to withstand greater loads, impacts and abrasions, the majority of these trucks only have their standard paint to protect the metal. Enter LINE-X armor – and its immense protective powers. The owners of a local welding shop were becoming extremely frustrated at having to constantly repaint the beds of their trucks due to steel and other metalwork scratching the paint during hauling. Company image was very important to the owners so they needed a solution for the trucks that would last longer and protect better than the paint, while keeping the professional look of the trucks.

Blog Maintaining Bedliner

Maintaining Your Bedliner

To ensure your LINE-X bedliner performs to the highest standards, allow it to fully cure and keep it clean.

Blog Accessories Truckgear

Taking Trucks to the Next Level

As a global leader in near-‘indestructible’ protective coatings, LINE-X’s dedication to trucks and their owners has always been bold and unwavering. Now we’re taking that to another level.