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Case Study: How LINE-X keeps refrigerated vans running cooler, longer

Companies around the world rely on refrigerated vans to get their food goods transported from the manufacturing facility to their final destination. Some of these vans are stripped down utility vehicles with little to no insulation. That's where LINE-X comes in.

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The Floor Liners You Need For Dirty Boots and Tired Feet

Truck Gear by LINE-X is all about making your truck as unique as you are so in addition to an awesome lineup of tonneau covers, step bars and lifestyle accessories, the brand now has some of the best truck, Jeep and SUV floor liners on the market. Truck Gear by LINE-X has become a trusted name in truck accessories, so they recently decided to go back to the drawing board and redesign its original floor liner to develop a product that is even better at containing all the mud, dirt and spills that can ruin a vehicle’s interior, while still looking and feeling great on tired feet.

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Do Truck Owners Really Need a Bedliner?

One of the first upgrades a new truck owner makes to their pickup is a spray-on truck bed liner. For people serious about durability and guaranteed coverage, LINE-X is the only way to go.